Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sad days for Brasil :(

I am so sorry for all those people who died.I just felt so bad when i heard this on news.They were on that plane because they followed their dream and they thought that their dream will come true, and then this tragedy happened.Pray for them all...R.I.P

''Youth Online''

I wanted to ''talk'' with you about my new experience.Last 4 days were, really fun and great.One of my friends asked me if I want to apply for UNICEF's Workshop on Participatory Film-Making on the topic of ''Youth Online''.And me as person who enjoy meeting new people and  making new memories and as someone who is always ready for new experiences i sad I AM IN!

We had 4 days for making 2 short movies on different topics.We had groups, in each group was 5 people.First topic was same for every group and that was ''Internet'' what people know about it, and every group made their own questions and then interviewed people in school.We were doing on that  topic for 2 days and after that we showed it just for people there.

Next movie was main reason why we were there, so we made new groups.Each group had different topic.I remember just a few topics:Anonymity on internet, Cyber Bulling and Internet in schools i can't remember 4th topic.We were stopping people and asking them about internet and lot of them were like:''No, i can't tell anything...i have to run or just no, no'' and i was sooo pissed off.And i hated them so much but we had lot of fun we were on cameras and behind them and that was just so fun.Especially for someone like me who adores cameras and English language.Did i mentioned that there was one professor from UK and she was so kind and she doesn't know my language so we were talking on English and i was absolutely obsessed  with her accent.Omg English language is sooo perfect i couldn't.

Xxx, M.M

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New begining!

Since i haven`t post anything for more then a month i decided to change my blog and write a post to explain everything.

I decided to write different, i am going to write some posts on my language, but also on English, just because it is sometimes easier that way, i want to tell everyone what i have to say, but some people don`t understand English and i want them to understand me.

Also i am not going to be active all the time, because i don`t have lot of free time, in school i have 14 subjects and i have to study a lot.But i promise that i will be more active.Next post i hope coming this week.



Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shows obsession!

I am obsess with shows and television.My friend Angy, thinks that I am pretty crazy, and she is always like:''You, girl, are not normal, you are crazy and addicted!'' So I am just to write names of shows, bc if I start writing about it it would be sooo long and we don`t need a novel, just blog post.Ok.. just two sentences for every.:)

1.The Vampire Diaries

Firs of all..Maybe I have this addiction of shows.At the beginning I liked Stefan more then Damon, but then when second season started I was like:''I loveee Damooon!''
Can`t wait season 8! (I know there is more then 3 sentences)

2. Gossip girl

Love, love, love and love.Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair.I can`t even write, bc I don`t know how to explain this love!

3.Pretty little liers

At firs I didn`t want to watch, I actually at first I didn`t want to watch any of this shows, but I give them a try and I loveeee them all.And this winter break I was like let`s see, and in less then a week I ended it, all 6 seasons , in that time.Haleb forever!

4.The Originals

I loved The Vampire Diaries so I wanted to watch this to, and I loved it!I mean Klaus...

5.Teen Wolf

I ended all episodes in 4 days...Pfff... And of all this shows, before I watched it I hated it, I thought:''It is so stupid''

Those were my ultimate favs...And here is just fav i love, since forever:

1.Ranjeni Orao

Serbian show, great love story...And I know their lines, how much time I watched it.

2.Srecni ljudi

I just don`t know what to say except that I have lot of great memories of the time I watched it.Every time I watch it, I  feel so cozily.

Sorry for bad quality of this photo but this show is from 1993 and this is the best photo I could find. 

3.Stizu dolari

This show reminds me to summer, bc it was on TV almost every sum
mer, when I was little.And It is on right know.Yeeey

4.Bolji zivot

It is the same as with previous, all of them reminds me on childhood.

So much love in this post, but what can I do I love shows.Hope you liked it, ly...XOXO

P.S I am really obsess I watch 8-11 shows a day.....Opsss!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 10 movies!

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be my top 10 movies.These movies are mostly romantic, but well it's me, and most likely you have already watched them but...And I love them all and every single one is actually no.1.

Danasnji post ce biti top   filmova.Vecina filmova su romanticni, ali to sam ja, i najvjerovatnije ste ih vec gledali, aliii...I sve ih podjednako volim.


Classic movie, most of you, maybe all of you have already watched.But I love it, and this post wouldn't be the same without this movie.

Clasican film, vecina, ili svi vi ste ga vec gledali.Ali ja ga volim I ovaj post ne bi bio isti bez njega.

2.P.S I love you

I am kind of person who is crying on movies.And on this movie I cried from the beginning.It's amazing romantic story.And everyone need to see it!

Ja sam jedna od onih osoba koje placu na filmovima.I kada sam gledala ovaj film plakala sam od pocetka.To je fantasticna ljubavna prica.I svak treba da je pogleda.

3.Me before you

OMG, OMG!The best, the beauties, the cutest, story.I loveee this movie.It is so beautiful, sad (all of these are sad), and fascinate.I actually hate Will a little bit, but well, still beautiful movie.

Aaaaaaaa! Najbolja, najljepsa, najsladja prica.Obozavam ovaj film, mnogo je lijep, tuzan (svi su) I fascinantan.Ustvari malo mrzim Vila, ali je film i dalje prelijep.

4.Love Rosie

Of course one more romantic movie.It is great story about life and how somethings can change your world in one moment.

Naravno jos jedan romanticni film.Sjajna prica o tome kako nesto u trenutku moze promjeniti cijeli tvoj svijet.

5.The Choice

Yea one more romantic.Love this movie and cast everything!That is looveee!

Daaa jos jedan romanticni film.Volim ovaj film, glumce, svee!To je ljubav!

6. Bridesmaids

This movie is...The funniest movie ever, i watched it many times and every time i cry.It is really hilarious.

Ovaj film je...Najsmjesniji film ikad, gledala sam ga mnogo puta i svaki put placem od smijeha

7.Harry Potter
Of course, i mean how to talk about movies and not mention Harry Potter.All parts!

Naravno, mislim kako da pricamo o filmovima a da ne pomenemo Hari Potera.Svi djelovi!

8.The Duff

When i firs saw this movie i was like ``WOOOOW! This is gooood!I LOVE IT!!!``I really meant what i said, that week i watched it 10 times and i am not joking.It is still one of my fav.Ofc is romantic but it is romantic/comedy/teen movie.

Kada sam prvi put gledala ovaj film pomislila sam:,,WAAAU!Ovaj film je stvarno dobar!OBOZAVAM GA!!!''Stvarno sam mislila sta sam rekla, te nedelje sam ga pogledala 10 puta, ne salim se.I dalje mi je jedan od omiljenih.Naravno i ovaj film je romantican ali je romanticna tinejdz komedija.

9.High strung

Another romantic movie, if you like classical music or ballet, you will love it even if you don't like it you will love this movie, too.It is actually story about ballerina and British violinist, it is so passionate and strong it is really good movie.

Jos jedan romanticni film, ako volite klasicnu muziku ili balet, voljecete ovaj film, cak i ako ne volite klasicnu muziku i balet, opet cete ga voljeti.Radnja se vrti oko balerine i britanskog violiniste, koji je dosao u ameriku.Film je strastven i jak, veoma  dobar film.

10.The fault in our stars

It is pointless to talk about it...Love!

Besmisleno je pricati o ovom vilmu...Ljubaav!

Only 15 currents ?

 I am big lover of music, so i wanted to share with you my current favs! Hope you like these!

1.Let me love you-Justin Bieber

2.Cold water-Justin Bieber

3.Sorry-Justin Bieber

4.Love yourself-Justin Bieber

5.Feeling-Justin Bieber

6.Vivo per lei-Andrea Bocelli

7.Seven years old-Lukas Graham


9.Hand to myself-Selena Gomez

10.Photography-Ed Sheeran

11.Famous-Kanye  West

12.This is what you came for-Calvin Harris ft.Rihanna

13.23.prosinac-Toni Cetinski

14.Hardest thing-Tose Proeski

15.Podsjeti me sto to bjese ljubav-Oliver Dragojevic

I tried my best to less Justin Bieber`s songs, bc I love him and his song are my favorite all of them so I just put songs that I listened this morning, and still there is 5 of them...Oppps!

And here is extra 6 favourites of all the time!

1.One less lonely girl-Justin Bieber
2.That should be me-Justin Bieber
3.Suze Biserne-Magazin
4.All of me-Johan Legend
5.My hart will go on-Celine Dion
6.Becouse of you-Kelly Clarkson

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Full and delicious for 3 minutes!

FOOD!FOOD!FOOD!MY BIGGEST LOVE IS FOOD!So I am going to show you guys one of my favorite quick sneaks, it is easy and delicious.And I love it.
So you are gonna need:
For first sneak:

1.Baget (bread)
3.Mash tomato

For second sneak:
1.Baget (Bread)
2.Olive oil
In one bowl put tomato and oregano and mix everything together, and put it on the bread.Then on that put cheese.Put it in oven, on 200°C for 3 to 5 minutes.
On bread put one tea spoon of olive oil and on that put tomato.As first sneak, bake it for 3 to 5 minutes on 200°C


Today is birday of one of my best friends, so i decided every time when one of my friends celebrating birthday I am going to write about them.

She is my best friend for sooo long, literally, I can`t remember for how long.She is one of the best people I have ever met.I love you Merry, happy birthday! Hope you will have beautiful day!

It is anonimus blog so you are not going to see photos, I am sorry.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jun Favorites 2016!

This is my first favorites post!Hope you`d like it!

I forgot to take a photo of concealer.OPPSS!But that is the best concealer I can find here.It is Aura Correct ME!In number 306 Natural!It safe my life.
Zaboravila sam da slikam korektor.UPSS!Ali to je najbolji korektor koji mogu naci ovdje.Aura Correct ME!U broju 306 Natural!Spasio mi je zivot.

First thing I`ve been loving this month is powder Catrice ALL MATT plus, it`s really good coverage and you don`t have felling of powder on your face.And mine is in color 20 Nude Beige.

Prva stvar koju sam voljela ovog mjeseca je Catrice ALL MATT plus puder, nemate osjecaj da imate nesto na licu, a dobro pokriva.

OMG!This product is amazing, it is Stay Matte Rimmel London powder, it is staying on your face really long i looovee this, and it is not melting when it`s hot!I`ve been on concert for 4 h and my makeup stayed.And mine is in number 003 PEACH GLOW.

Omiljena stvar od svih fovorita ovog mjeseca je puder Stay Matte Rimmel London,  ostaje na licu veoma dugo, obozavaaam ovaj proizvod, i ne topi se kad je vruce!Bila sam na koncertu 4 sata i moja sminka se nije mrdnula.I  moj je u boji 003 PEACH GLOW.

Next thing is eyeshadow palette, and it is ALL ABOUT NUDES in number 02 nudes.I used it a lot, I am not fan of pinky shades even in summer and I always use nude colors.

Sledeca stvar je paleta sijenki, ALL ABOUT NUDES u broju 02 nudes.Koristila sam je puno, ja nisam ljubitelj roze sijenki cak i ljeti i uvijek koristim nude boje.

This is Essence long lasting eye pencile 01 black fever.It is really long lasting it is really good as eyeliner you can make beautiful line easy even if you are like me and you always blow up.

Ovo je Essence long lasting olovka za oci u boji 01 black fever.Stvarno dugo traje vepma je dobra kao eyeliner, lako izvlaci lijepu liniju, cak i ako ste kao ja pa uvijek uprskate.

Moving on to lip product.And starting from beginning Lip balm Eos, it is super hydrate and it smell like heaven vanilla and mint.Can`t`be better.
Prelazimo na proizvode za usta.I pocinjemo od pocetka balzam za usta Eos, sjajno hidrira, a mirise kao raj vanila i mint.Ne moze bolje.

Essence VELVET MATT lipstick in number 07.It is this beautiful nude-pink color. I am obsess with this color and with this lipstick.

Essence VELVET MATT karmin u broju 07.Ovo je lijepa nude-pink boja.Opsjednuta sam ovom bojom.

One more matte lipstick and this is Golden Rose VELVET MATTE it is nude-brown color.It is matte but you have feeling like you have normal lipstick.In number 16.

Jos jedan matte karmin i ovo je Golden Rose VELVET MATTE  u nude-brao boji.Mat je ali imate osjecaj kao da imate normalni karmin.U broju 16.

Two nail polishes by Golden Rose and it`s from collection Paris and this perfect blue color is in number  132, and white is in number 04.I love these shades.

Zatim dva Golden Rose Paris laka i ovaj savrseno plavi je u broju 132, a bijeli u broju 04.Volim ove boje.

This is matte TOP COAT from Golden Rose, of course, and every single time when i do my nails i put it on top, and i have perfect matte nail polish.

I ovo je Golden Rose, naravno, matte top coat i svaki  put kad bih nalakirala nokte stavila bih ovo preko toga i imam savrseni matte lak.

Then two books.First is Online Girl by Zoe Sugg I adore it.Everyone should read it.Zoella is my fav youtuber so it is normal to love hers book.And second is Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany`s.One of my favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany`s so i needed to read the book.And I liked it.

Zatim dvije knjige.Prva je Online Girl od Zoe Sag.Obozavam je.Zoella je moja omiljena jutjuberka, pa je normalno da volim njenu knjigu.A druga je Truman Kapot Dorucak kod Tifanija.Dorucak kod Tifani mi je jedan od omiljenih filmova pa sam morala da procitam knjigu.I svidjela mi se.

Last but not the least is this pink bag.I got it from my aunt, I don`t know name of shop or anything, but i know it is from Italy.

Poslednja ali ne manje draga stvar je ova roza torbica.Dobila sam je od tetke, ne znam gdje je kupila osim da je iz Italije.

Join this site, comment, and love to you guys.



Friday, July 1, 2016

Broken sleepover

Me and my best friend Merry destroys everything, and us alone in house that...that is disaster.

So three years ago me and my sister went to Merry's and had sleepover.The evening went lovely, we were baking, and eating (of course) and just had great evening.Everything was fine till night, we went to her room to watch TV.She has bunk beds, she supposed to sleep on the top and I supposed to sleep at the bottom.

So when we were in room and she set on my bad, and I was like if you sit there I will sit on your bed, and she was like okey, however.When I set on her bed, my sister told me Merry is sitting on your pillow, and I was like what a...Okay I will sit on your pillow and she was like no way. And she star climbing to her bed, but she didn't use stairs.And I leaned to her and then...BANG!I was on floor.What the hell just happened?And then I heard Merry's sister screaming:"Mamma Merry, broke the bed!!!"And than I realized we broke bed.I tried so so so hard not to laugh.I turned and I saw that higher bed fell on the lower one.That night we were sleeping on the floor.

After that we spilled nail polish on blanket. When we went to put it in bathroom, we also went to make some sandwiches we woke up Merry's little brother who was one back then.

We had great night, if you don't count this.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

About life! Pt.1

Why are we scared?
Can we enjoy in life as much as we want to? If we can how? But if we can't than why?
Why this, why that?
Don't do that!
Does everyone asking themselves that, why?
I don't know do you asking that yourself, but I know, that i'm asking mine.

Zasto se plasimo?
Mozemo li uzivati u zivotu, koliko bi zaista zeljeli?Ako mozemo kako?Ali ako ne mozemo, zasto?
Zasto ovo, zasto ono?
Ne radi to!
Da li se svako ovo pita?
Ne znam da li se vi pitate, ja znam da se ja pitam.

First thing first, why are we scared?

I don't I?Does anyone know that? Are we scary of us or we are scary of people.Of what, OF LIFE, maybe?Let me tell you what I know about fear.Fear is something that will always be there in your head, you can't stop being afraid.U will always be afraid of something and just deal with it!We can't just forget or just move forward like you have never been afraid.If we stop being afraid of something, another fear will appear and that makes us human being.That is ok.It is normal, but don't let fear to be you.Tell yourself:"It is okay to be afraid, I am afraid, but I am not going to let my fears take control on myself."Be happy and live life.

Prije svega, zasto se plasimo?

Ne znam...znam li?Da li iko zna, zasto?Da li se plasimo d nas samih ili se plasimo drugih?Cega, zivota, mozda?Da vam ja kazem sta ja znam o strahu.Strah ce uvijek biti u vasoj glavi, ne mozete prestati da se plasite.Uvijek cete se plasiti necega I nosite se s tim!Ne mozemo zaboraviti na strah ili nastaviti dalje kao da se nikad niste plasili.Ako nas strah prodje, neki drugi ce se pojaviti, ali to nas cini zivim bicima.To je u redu.Normalno je, ali nemojte da pustite strah da postane vasa licnost.Recite sebi:"U redu je plasiti se, plasim se, ali necu pustiti strah da ovlada mojim zivotom."Budite srecni I zivite zivot!

Soo...I finding this blog post really long so I decided this post will be pt.1, pt.2 is coming soon.And I am going to talk about other questions.

Paaa...vidjela sam da ce ovaj post biti veoma dugacak, pa sam odlucila da napravim dva dijela, ovaj ce biti prvi dio, a drugi izlazi uskoro.I pricacu o ostalim pitanjima.

Friday, June 10, 2016


Am I the only one who still want to became a princess?

Does every girl dream about her prince?And if the answer is yas...Am I the only one who knows that I can dream, but my prince will never come (not like I don't want to).Call me crazy or over romantic (is that even phrase), but meeting prince is dream of every girl.

I love romantic, but I don't like too sweet, because it can became boring.I love romance, I really do and sometimes sweet romance (for me) isn't enough.I dream of accidentally love or something like that (I know sounds stupid), and I know that will never happen, well I don't care about that fact.I just dream for myself, like a story for my mind.Beautiful perfect story made only for me.

Something for my own, something what remind that I still have a lot of imagination.But let's talk about prince.My best friend (well one of my best friends) told me, once, that she can't imagine people faces when she is reading a book, so I guess that she can't imagine her prince (not thinking about celebrities).I can imagine people faces, but I don't want to imagine my prince's face.Actually when I think about prince I don't think about his physic look .I just try to imagine how or where could we meet.I am on parking right now and know I dream what  would happen if I met someone here.What would be the tittle of our story?

And maybe my prince isn't from my country, but how like am I he is from Amazon.From some tribe so we won't meet for lifetime.But that won't stop me to dream.What is the point of doing something or thinking about something if you stop when world is going against to you. (When I say world I mean reality).Believe in...Happily ever after...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Old friendships!

When I was little I had so much friends.Boys and girls were playing together.We didn't know what internet mean.

I had a lot of friends, and we loved each other, but how time went for just 2 years of school we didn't know each other anymore.That is sad because some of them was really good.But what made me to write this?I saw one of my childhood friend and I just remember how we played and stuff.

I've never been sad because my friendships ends.Maybe because I knew that is normal, and real friends will stay by my side always.Friendships ends because we just grow up and change.One of my old best friend annoying me not because he change but because he pretend like he is something he isn't.And some of my best friends are childhood friends.

Life is going and you will change friends, that is normal, that is how life circle work.The most important thing is to be with people who are good for you in that period of your life.Old friends stays in past, and they becomes beautiful memory of some other time, other place, other life.

Marry, Anna, Angy, have been my friends since forever.And friends like them old friends who are good for you always.Thay will stay as reminder of that you are deep inside the same, just smarter and older!.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Met Gala!

Everyone who knows me knows that i love fashion.And for one fashion lover Met Gala is heven.So there are my fav dresses from last night!

1.As people know that i love fashion everyone know that ilove Kardashian-Jenner sisters.Kim, Kylie and Kendall were beautiful last night.Kim and Kylie showed up in amazing Balmein dresses, and Kendall wore Versace.

2.Blake Lively is one of the fashion icons these days.And as always she was astounding in Burberry!

3.Karolina Kurkova was beautiful in Marchese.

4.Queen B is rocking on the stage, but everyone knows that she is rocking on red carpet as well as she rocks on stage!She rocked last night in Givenchy.

5.Actress Claire Danes wore glowing dress by Zac Posen.She was looking like a fairytale.

6.Taylor Swift was looking like a robot.And she looked incredible!She wore Louis Vuitton.

7.Top model Gigi Hadid looked super powerful and sexy in Tommy Hilfinger dress. 

8.The last but not the least is Balmain army`s model Jourdan Dunn.She looked like gorgeous.

That is from me.I hope you like my choice!