Thursday, July 7, 2016

Jun Favorites 2016!

This is my first favorites post!Hope you`d like it!

I forgot to take a photo of concealer.OPPSS!But that is the best concealer I can find here.It is Aura Correct ME!In number 306 Natural!It safe my life.
Zaboravila sam da slikam korektor.UPSS!Ali to je najbolji korektor koji mogu naci ovdje.Aura Correct ME!U broju 306 Natural!Spasio mi je zivot.

First thing I`ve been loving this month is powder Catrice ALL MATT plus, it`s really good coverage and you don`t have felling of powder on your face.And mine is in color 20 Nude Beige.

Prva stvar koju sam voljela ovog mjeseca je Catrice ALL MATT plus puder, nemate osjecaj da imate nesto na licu, a dobro pokriva.

OMG!This product is amazing, it is Stay Matte Rimmel London powder, it is staying on your face really long i looovee this, and it is not melting when it`s hot!I`ve been on concert for 4 h and my makeup stayed.And mine is in number 003 PEACH GLOW.

Omiljena stvar od svih fovorita ovog mjeseca je puder Stay Matte Rimmel London,  ostaje na licu veoma dugo, obozavaaam ovaj proizvod, i ne topi se kad je vruce!Bila sam na koncertu 4 sata i moja sminka se nije mrdnula.I  moj je u boji 003 PEACH GLOW.

Next thing is eyeshadow palette, and it is ALL ABOUT NUDES in number 02 nudes.I used it a lot, I am not fan of pinky shades even in summer and I always use nude colors.

Sledeca stvar je paleta sijenki, ALL ABOUT NUDES u broju 02 nudes.Koristila sam je puno, ja nisam ljubitelj roze sijenki cak i ljeti i uvijek koristim nude boje.

This is Essence long lasting eye pencile 01 black fever.It is really long lasting it is really good as eyeliner you can make beautiful line easy even if you are like me and you always blow up.

Ovo je Essence long lasting olovka za oci u boji 01 black fever.Stvarno dugo traje vepma je dobra kao eyeliner, lako izvlaci lijepu liniju, cak i ako ste kao ja pa uvijek uprskate.

Moving on to lip product.And starting from beginning Lip balm Eos, it is super hydrate and it smell like heaven vanilla and mint.Can`t`be better.
Prelazimo na proizvode za usta.I pocinjemo od pocetka balzam za usta Eos, sjajno hidrira, a mirise kao raj vanila i mint.Ne moze bolje.

Essence VELVET MATT lipstick in number 07.It is this beautiful nude-pink color. I am obsess with this color and with this lipstick.

Essence VELVET MATT karmin u broju 07.Ovo je lijepa nude-pink boja.Opsjednuta sam ovom bojom.

One more matte lipstick and this is Golden Rose VELVET MATTE it is nude-brown color.It is matte but you have feeling like you have normal lipstick.In number 16.

Jos jedan matte karmin i ovo je Golden Rose VELVET MATTE  u nude-brao boji.Mat je ali imate osjecaj kao da imate normalni karmin.U broju 16.

Two nail polishes by Golden Rose and it`s from collection Paris and this perfect blue color is in number  132, and white is in number 04.I love these shades.

Zatim dva Golden Rose Paris laka i ovaj savrseno plavi je u broju 132, a bijeli u broju 04.Volim ove boje.

This is matte TOP COAT from Golden Rose, of course, and every single time when i do my nails i put it on top, and i have perfect matte nail polish.

I ovo je Golden Rose, naravno, matte top coat i svaki  put kad bih nalakirala nokte stavila bih ovo preko toga i imam savrseni matte lak.

Then two books.First is Online Girl by Zoe Sugg I adore it.Everyone should read it.Zoella is my fav youtuber so it is normal to love hers book.And second is Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany`s.One of my favorite movies is Breakfast at Tiffany`s so i needed to read the book.And I liked it.

Zatim dvije knjige.Prva je Online Girl od Zoe Sag.Obozavam je.Zoella je moja omiljena jutjuberka, pa je normalno da volim njenu knjigu.A druga je Truman Kapot Dorucak kod Tifanija.Dorucak kod Tifani mi je jedan od omiljenih filmova pa sam morala da procitam knjigu.I svidjela mi se.

Last but not the least is this pink bag.I got it from my aunt, I don`t know name of shop or anything, but i know it is from Italy.

Poslednja ali ne manje draga stvar je ova roza torbica.Dobila sam je od tetke, ne znam gdje je kupila osim da je iz Italije.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Broken sleepover

Me and my best friend Merry destroys everything, and us alone in house that...that is disaster.

So three years ago me and my sister went to Merry's and had sleepover.The evening went lovely, we were baking, and eating (of course) and just had great evening.Everything was fine till night, we went to her room to watch TV.She has bunk beds, she supposed to sleep on the top and I supposed to sleep at the bottom.

So when we were in room and she set on my bad, and I was like if you sit there I will sit on your bed, and she was like okey, however.When I set on her bed, my sister told me Merry is sitting on your pillow, and I was like what a...Okay I will sit on your pillow and she was like no way. And she star climbing to her bed, but she didn't use stairs.And I leaned to her and then...BANG!I was on floor.What the hell just happened?And then I heard Merry's sister screaming:"Mamma Merry, broke the bed!!!"And than I realized we broke bed.I tried so so so hard not to laugh.I turned and I saw that higher bed fell on the lower one.That night we were sleeping on the floor.

After that we spilled nail polish on blanket. When we went to put it in bathroom, we also went to make some sandwiches we woke up Merry's little brother who was one back then.

We had great night, if you don't count this.