Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shows obsession!

I am obsess with shows and television.My friend Angy, thinks that I am pretty crazy, and she is always like:''You, girl, are not normal, you are crazy and addicted!'' So I am just to write names of shows, bc if I start writing about it it would be sooo long and we don`t need a novel, just blog post.Ok.. just two sentences for every.:)

1.The Vampire Diaries

Firs of all..Maybe I have this addiction of shows.At the beginning I liked Stefan more then Damon, but then when second season started I was like:''I loveee Damooon!''
Can`t wait season 8! (I know there is more then 3 sentences)

2. Gossip girl

Love, love, love and love.Chuck and Blair, Chuck and Blair.I can`t even write, bc I don`t know how to explain this love!

3.Pretty little liers

At firs I didn`t want to watch, I actually at first I didn`t want to watch any of this shows, but I give them a try and I loveeee them all.And this winter break I was like let`s see, and in less then a week I ended it, all 6 seasons , in that time.Haleb forever!

4.The Originals

I loved The Vampire Diaries so I wanted to watch this to, and I loved it!I mean Klaus...

5.Teen Wolf

I ended all episodes in 4 days...Pfff... And of all this shows, before I watched it I hated it, I thought:''It is so stupid''

Those were my ultimate favs...And here is just fav i love, since forever:

1.Ranjeni Orao

Serbian show, great love story...And I know their lines, how much time I watched it.

2.Srecni ljudi

I just don`t know what to say except that I have lot of great memories of the time I watched it.Every time I watch it, I  feel so cozily.

Sorry for bad quality of this photo but this show is from 1993 and this is the best photo I could find. 

3.Stizu dolari

This show reminds me to summer, bc it was on TV almost every sum
mer, when I was little.And It is on right know.Yeeey

4.Bolji zivot

It is the same as with previous, all of them reminds me on childhood.

So much love in this post, but what can I do I love shows.Hope you liked it, ly...XOXO

P.S I am really obsess I watch 8-11 shows a day.....Opsss!

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