Thursday, August 18, 2016

Only 15 currents ?

 I am big lover of music, so i wanted to share with you my current favs! Hope you like these!

1.Let me love you-Justin Bieber

2.Cold water-Justin Bieber

3.Sorry-Justin Bieber

4.Love yourself-Justin Bieber

5.Feeling-Justin Bieber

6.Vivo per lei-Andrea Bocelli

7.Seven years old-Lukas Graham


9.Hand to myself-Selena Gomez

10.Photography-Ed Sheeran

11.Famous-Kanye  West

12.This is what you came for-Calvin Harris ft.Rihanna

13.23.prosinac-Toni Cetinski

14.Hardest thing-Tose Proeski

15.Podsjeti me sto to bjese ljubav-Oliver Dragojevic

I tried my best to less Justin Bieber`s songs, bc I love him and his song are my favorite all of them so I just put songs that I listened this morning, and still there is 5 of them...Oppps!

And here is extra 6 favourites of all the time!

1.One less lonely girl-Justin Bieber
2.That should be me-Justin Bieber
3.Suze Biserne-Magazin
4.All of me-Johan Legend
5.My hart will go on-Celine Dion
6.Becouse of you-Kelly Clarkson

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