Friday, June 10, 2016


Am I the only one who still want to became a princess?

Does every girl dream about her prince?And if the answer is yas...Am I the only one who knows that I can dream, but my prince will never come (not like I don't want to).Call me crazy or over romantic (is that even phrase), but meeting prince is dream of every girl.

I love romantic, but I don't like too sweet, because it can became boring.I love romance, I really do and sometimes sweet romance (for me) isn't enough.I dream of accidentally love or something like that (I know sounds stupid), and I know that will never happen, well I don't care about that fact.I just dream for myself, like a story for my mind.Beautiful perfect story made only for me.

Something for my own, something what remind that I still have a lot of imagination.But let's talk about prince.My best friend (well one of my best friends) told me, once, that she can't imagine people faces when she is reading a book, so I guess that she can't imagine her prince (not thinking about celebrities).I can imagine people faces, but I don't want to imagine my prince's face.Actually when I think about prince I don't think about his physic look .I just try to imagine how or where could we meet.I am on parking right now and know I dream what  would happen if I met someone here.What would be the tittle of our story?

And maybe my prince isn't from my country, but how like am I he is from Amazon.From some tribe so we won't meet for lifetime.But that won't stop me to dream.What is the point of doing something or thinking about something if you stop when world is going against to you. (When I say world I mean reality).Believe in...Happily ever after...

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