Saturday, May 21, 2016

Old friendships!

When I was little I had so much friends.Boys and girls were playing together.We didn't know what internet mean.

I had a lot of friends, and we loved each other, but how time went for just 2 years of school we didn't know each other anymore.That is sad because some of them was really good.But what made me to write this?I saw one of my childhood friend and I just remember how we played and stuff.

I've never been sad because my friendships ends.Maybe because I knew that is normal, and real friends will stay by my side always.Friendships ends because we just grow up and change.One of my old best friend annoying me not because he change but because he pretend like he is something he isn't.And some of my best friends are childhood friends.

Life is going and you will change friends, that is normal, that is how life circle work.The most important thing is to be with people who are good for you in that period of your life.Old friends stays in past, and they becomes beautiful memory of some other time, other place, other life.

Marry, Anna, Angy, have been my friends since forever.And friends like them old friends who are good for you always.Thay will stay as reminder of that you are deep inside the same, just smarter and older!.

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