Wednesday, November 30, 2016

''Youth Online''

I wanted to ''talk'' with you about my new experience.Last 4 days were, really fun and great.One of my friends asked me if I want to apply for UNICEF's Workshop on Participatory Film-Making on the topic of ''Youth Online''.And me as person who enjoy meeting new people and  making new memories and as someone who is always ready for new experiences i sad I AM IN!

We had 4 days for making 2 short movies on different topics.We had groups, in each group was 5 people.First topic was same for every group and that was ''Internet'' what people know about it, and every group made their own questions and then interviewed people in school.We were doing on that  topic for 2 days and after that we showed it just for people there.

Next movie was main reason why we were there, so we made new groups.Each group had different topic.I remember just a few topics:Anonymity on internet, Cyber Bulling and Internet in schools i can't remember 4th topic.We were stopping people and asking them about internet and lot of them were like:''No, i can't tell anything...i have to run or just no, no'' and i was sooo pissed off.And i hated them so much but we had lot of fun we were on cameras and behind them and that was just so fun.Especially for someone like me who adores cameras and English language.Did i mentioned that there was one professor from UK and she was so kind and she doesn't know my language so we were talking on English and i was absolutely obsessed  with her accent.Omg English language is sooo perfect i couldn't.

Xxx, M.M

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