Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hi, everyone I decide to do the post about love.Half of my first post was about love but now I want write only about love.

You need to now differences between crush on someone and fall in love with someone.Because if you don't know differences between that you don't know what love is...

You want be sure how much someone means to you?Just imagine your life without that person. If you feel like you would die if that happen...That person is really important to you.Me, in love that is disaster I can't see clear I imagine ''what if'' situations.I just see something that even doesn't exist. I love unconditionally and crazy.For me it's easy to crush on someone, but to fall in love, that is hard.And when I fall in love once become depressed.I am doing stupid things, solidarity with that guy no matter what, it's bad but what can we do?I will tell you nothing.We need to fall in love that how it works, just some people don't talk some talk. When I am in love I don't talk about that, but when I am crush on someone I just talk about that person.When you love in one moment butterflies from your stomach just disappear, and if you think that you stop loving that person, you need to know that is just a beginning .But when you start loving person that boy use to be you are over, because you don't love that person he is just person you met.

I had like a million crushes, but I was in love with just two boys.And once I loved unconditionally and crazy for less then nine years.No i never had a boyfriend but it doesn't mean that i didn't love. Unfortunately I do so hard but it was just me.Now may I feel something but I won't let my self to love again, all alone.But when I wasn't alone I pushed him, and he was perfect but that is who I use to be crazy bitch.I hate myself for that but now I can't do nothing.I loved him and he loved me, but i just don't know i was bitch.I had prince and i lost him.I was fighting for him , and when he became my i lose him. If you have your prince love him never let him go.

 I believe in soulmates of course, but I don't think that everyone will fine it...I think that I am the last one who will find soulmate.But you need to believe that you will find your.It's just about me...I love wrong or just love right but push him.But my biggest problem is the fact that I am big dreamer...I am living in small country and dreaming abut whole world, living in small town dreaming about New York, lying in small room dreaming about mansion with pool, around horses but still dreaming about prince.Don't dream big because when you dream big you expect something, and you will be disappointed.I learn how to live with disappointments.But you need to fight forever.Fight for prince if you see him.Believe in your love in big cities you can find couple princes, so try to find your he is waiting for you to fight with other ''princess''.

If you have your prince, NEVER let him go!Because around horses princes are rare.So go and hug your prince.
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  1. Super post, sviđa mi se kako pišeš i zaista si dobra u tome što radiš, samo nastavi tako, imaš moju podršku! :) Ako želiš pogledaj moj blog i učlani se ako ti se sviđa <3

  2. Super je post!
    Imaš i moju podršku takođe :)

    Zapratila sam te, pa pogledaj moj blog i učlani se :*