Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love 2 part

First i want to say sorry because i didn't write for a while.But i will try to write more...

In my country people still don't celebrate Valentin's day, some people do.But it is not big holiday like in other countries in the world.

But it is my new chance to talk about love.I have never had a boyfriend.But i know lot of about love.Normal question is how?I just know more then half of people i know have boyfriend.So i heard lot of stuff from them.And when you don't have a boyfriend you just see thing clear.I see mistakes that my friends doing in relationships.So here is few mistakes (NEVER DO THIS):
1.After first date you start texting and you say I LOVE YOU don't do that, just DON'T
2.You are with your boyfriend and his friends and they start to talking bad things about you and he don't do anything, tell him:''If you don't do anything, i would and you 
3.Never came back to boyfriend who hurts you.
4.Don't go into relationship if you don't fell anything.
5.Don't date someone just to have boyfriend.
6.Don't think about someone before your first meeting 

Friends zone

Huh...Crush on your friend.I understand you.You don't know how he fell and you two are good friends and you don't want to destroy that.Well before 5 years i fall in love with my that time my friend.I was watching him talk to him, and just not saying anything.And he never told me like we are friends or something.And he was my first love, ever.Yea love!After 2 years i told my friend:''I can't love him anymore.''And that night he told me that he is into me.I realize that i should tell him sooner.Take a risk, and it is worth it.


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