Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hello world!!!

Everyone has a bream.Some people have one some 2, some dreams are not big some are.Mine is really big, for me.I have a few of them...

I know for American people this can`t be dream but ok...My dream is to live in the USA or to visit the USA.That county is perfect to me (i know that it isn't, but still).But that`s not my only dream.My dreams ugh...My dreams are big, but you know how they say dream big, live big.

New York

Big Apple, city whit lot of secrets .I wanna see ''Brooklyn bridge''.I want to walk the streets and watch people around me.I want to watch how ''Empire State Building'' touches sky.I want to see ''Central Park'', visit China Town.People say that there is no better time to visit New York then Christmas.I wanna feel every New York Christmas.It`s really big dream, considering that i live in Europe in really small country.But no one can stop me dreaming.


I wanna  travel all around world, and visit many states.Now i can`t travel a lot.But every time i can i travel.Every single time.Travel is perfect no one know you.You don`t know people or city.When you travel you meet some new people.Beautiful cities all around the world, and every single one has different smell, different streets, food, people.New places to discover and feel.Every city has different history, present and future, and you can feel every single one.Just imagine all that beautiful food and all that beautiful people.I live for the day when will i be able to travel all around the world.And i want to at the end of the trip sit in airplane and go back to my apartment in the NYC.

And lot of people keep telling me that i can`t do this and just to stop dreaming.But my dreams are in my head not just in my head, but in my heart.And i just can`t stop dreaming and i don`t want to.So no one can tell you stop dreaming.If your dreams are coming from heart you`ll never stop dreaming.For me my dreams are loves...I love my dreams and i just can`t stop thinking about them.But you need to know you need to work for every dream, if you want to live it...


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