Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to get throw hard period in life?

Hello, everyone!

I am sick and i am so boring, i can't go to school.I found my old diary and i decide to share something with you.

Life isn't how it seems, life is beautiful but without ups and downs we are dead.In one moment you can be good in other you can feel so bed, but that is life and we need to deal with it.I had some bad periods in life, i mean everyone has.So here is how i got throw that.

I always looked in future i was thinking about what is going to happen when everything stop.I dreamed, and when i wanted to cry i cried, and i felt much better.It helps when you write what you feel, so i was writing what i feel.And just i was keep telling myself that everything is happening with the reason.And i was trying to find, that reason.Why did that happen?And no i didn`t find the reason.How did it go?I were on trip with my friend and i just felt better.I had best few days and that just gone.I think it is because i just let myself free.Always think about good.I realized that quotes like these are true:''Life`s a game you sometimes win, sometimes learn or lose'', ''After rain there's a rainbow''.Nothing is only white or only black, because in one moment you will wake up and realize everything is just gone.That hole in you is gone.But you need to wait.It won`t disappear if you do something stupid.It only could be worse.

No matter what you need to keep going, you should be looking at the future and dream.Deal with all the trash it brings wave of life,You can do everything and you can go throw everything, you are brave and beautiful.Never forget it.
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