Sunday, January 24, 2016

Peter Pan problem


In this period of life we all are changing, our body is changing, our view of world is changing everything is changing, and that change calls growing up...

I have problem whit growing up, i am scary of that.It's Peter Pan problem!In one moment i want to be older and drive a car, have children, husband, worm home.In the other i want to be child FOREVER.Today is the other moment when i want to be child forever.

I am scary of fact that i'm going to die in one moment, and fact that i'm going to work for 8 hours, being always angry and upset.World around me is busy and for 10 years i am going to busy too.Busy for my family, friends, for everything it's scary.

Why i want to be child, teenager?

It's really simple!First, my job is only to go to school nothing else, second thing one of my biggest problems is LOVE, but when you are 30 your problems are bigger, and you have a million things to do.Then there are your parents who helping, they don't need to helping but just to be there.For example when i need to studying i always ask my mom to stay awake with me just to be there.And when you grow up they are gone forever from someones child you become a parent of a child.

And changing...When you change something, place where  you live, school, friends it doesn’t mean that you will forget what you left but it feels like you will, and it hurts it’s normal to hurts, cry you will feel better and you gonna see that situation clear and better.If you change the school call your friends and cry with them and that pain will go!But sometimes you need to let go, in some case it’s better that way, because pain can be bigger.When you have good friends it’s always better with them.GOOD FRIEND IS EVERYTHING!Hope you enjoyed!

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