Sunday, January 24, 2016

Teenage season

Am i the only one who don’t know how to survive teenage years?
This is time when we trying to realize who we are actually and what we want to be…But it isn’t the only thing that bothering us, isn’t it?What we thinking about, the most?LOVE it’s the word we searching for.

Love can blind, but you all already knew that.In my case it can be fatal…I just kidding.Ok, maybe for my phone, always too many photos of my crush and i always say ”I will never do that again!”But i always do that again and again and again…I know that is dumb but that love can do to you.And there is one syndrome i call it ”I am crush on you syndrome.”That syndrome is actually my biggest problem, and it’s about this:When i crush on someone he find girlfriend next day and it’s happening all the time.Please tell me that am not the only one who have problem like this with crushes.
 There is the part of teenage years when you trying to find yourself, and it is hard too.I mean you feel like you can make your own decision, but no one thinks that, and it’s really annoying.And addition to that you need to find who you actually are and what you will be.Well i find out how to don’t care what everyone thinking it’s simply if you want to be an artist for example and your parents think that is stupid or they just don’t like that idea you just think like this:”They couldn’t become what they wanted to, so they don’t want me to be who am i.”When i realized that i actually realized who i want to be, i want to be fashion designer, fashion journalist and an actress.What you want to be, tell me?

It was my first blog post and i hope you find yourselves somewhere in these lines.

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