Sunday, April 24, 2016

How to lose weight?

Lot of girls have struggle with weight.Or just want to look little thinner.So here is one really useful way.Chrono nutrition.I haven`t tried it but i know it works.I know person who lose a lot.You can eat almost everything.Here is chrono nutrition goes:

1.You it every 5h and after 6-7 p.m, you have all meals (breakfast, lunch, diner, brunch)
2.You can't eat bread is full of carbohydrates, and know you wandering how to live without.Bred is made of rye, buckwheat barley and oat flour.

3.Except bred you don't eat cow's milk, yogurt cheese, butter, beans, green beans, peas , potatoes, rice also sugar including sugar in fruits so you can't eat fruits too.
4.Drink lot of water and herbal teas, don't drink alcohol but red wine is good for this diet.

5.After 1-2 months when you return fruits, you can it it for brunch, and you can't eat it for breakfast.Also rice, vegetable, and buckwheat flour bread do not eat after 3 p.m.
6.You can't drink soda ofc.

7.This is not tipical diet!Chrono nutrition should you become a long-term diet regime
I hope you like this kind of post!

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