Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Friends!!!They are always there for you!They save you from everything bad!

I have few bast friends, but we are not squad.They don`t hang out together, i mean me and them.Except T and A.I am lucky that i now 90% of my friends my whole life.

A and M i met before i start to speak.I have 2 A sooo it is hard to say.Let say AM and A.I met AM when i was little but i`ve remembered her since 1st grade.She said that we knew each other longer then that but i don`t know.I,  i met her in 1st grade of primary school.And T i can`t remember for how long i know her, but i`ve knew her for a few years.We started to hang out before few month.

I think that everyone need to have one best friend for something like i do.I`ll talk about them order i`ve met them.

Firs i met A, before 15y (we both have 15) she was always like not real she thinks and say what i want.She is thinks like me and because of that she is not really real, i mean she doesn`t  think or see really real.And we are really different but we are the same.

Then, M she is like my little sister (my little sis doesn`t want to listen me but M does) i am telling her how and what.She is like moral part of everything i am kind a bad for her...(haha)She is always open mind for crazy ideas.

A.M, she is real, she is kind of life coach friends, she is really real she see everything clear and she has really good advice.She listen and as i say LIFE COACH.She can solve all my problems.

I, she is other side of everything.She looks everything different.

T, even i hang out with her just few months she is my best friend, too.You know when you see that someone is good person and you have lot in common, it doesn`t matter for how long you know that person.So T, she is everything little, she is real and crazy.All of my friends are crazy.She has good advice.And i looooooove to hug her.

I am really social.But i have periods when i hate everything.And i am not going to tall my friend that i love them.They know that, and i don`t like to tall people that i love them, i just don`t.

And never, never ignore friends because of someone else.I trying to stay in touch with all my friends, everyday.AND FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT.


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